What They Never Tell You About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a popular topic as an adult woman, and it can sometimes feel like everyone’s talking about it. So now that you’re pregnant, you know the ropes, right? You know about giving up alcohol, caffeine and sushi, you know about the morning sickness and swelling, and you’re ready. Except there might be a little more to the story. Here are the parts of pregnancy people never tell you about.

Sore Breasts

One of the biggest indicators of pregnancy can be soreness in a woman’s breast. A pregnancy causes your body to send signals to parts of your body that it’s time to get going. The resulting soreness is caused by your breasts preparing for milk production — extra blood flow, fat production and the ever-so-lovely hormones.  

Keen Sense of Smell

The increased amount of estrogen in your body can heighten a pregnant woman’s sense of smell. While this can sound like a fun perk, it can often cause increased morning sickness as unpleasant smells are intensified. To help avoid recurring nausea from smells, try chewing gum or being more particular about scents in your daily routine.


A generally taboo topic, constipation is something many pregnant women suffer from. When pregnant, your body starts pumping more and more progesterone–with the intent of relaxing your uterine muscles to avoid early contractions. An unfortunate side effect of this relaxing is dreaded constipation. Eating small meals with extra fiber and drinking lots of water can provide some much needed relief.

All. Of. The. Sweat.

When people refer to the fact that you’re glowing, you’ll find it’s because you’re perpetually sweating. Once pregnant, your body fires on all cylinders to prepare and grow that tiny human. Your hormone production,  metabolism and blood flow all kick into high gear, making you, well, sweaty.  Hence, glowing. As always, stay hydrated!

Now that we’ve exposed pregnancy’s best kept secrets, you’re ready to make that tiny human. Remember that even though pregnancy isn’t always pretty, it is always worth it.  

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