Self Care During Your Pregnancy

Self care is a hot topic right now, but is it really even possible to practice while pregnant? The good news is that yes, it is possible – and it’s also suuuper necessary. It may feel like there are so many things to stress over during these nine months, and – not to stress you out even more, but – stress can be harmful for baby. So, let’s talk about how to chill and take care of yourself and your little one during your pregnancy. 

Being present reduces stress + worry: here’s how to do it

This is a big one, for both during and after your pregnancy. Being present simply means making sure you are fully focused on where you are in the moment. That means not focusing on the experiences of the past or what you’ll need to do in the future. As great worriers ourselves, we know staying present is easier said than done, but here are some ideas to help.

Turn Off Your Phone

With work emails, texts from friends (“Did you have the baby yet?!) and the constant barrage of bad news the Internet pushes out, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in anxious thoughts and worries about the future. So, life hack: try turning your phone off (or at least putting it on silent) for a few hours in the evenings and on weekends. You’ll feel much more connected with those around you (including the little life growing within you) and have an easier time staying in the moment.

Go On a Social Media Detox

Wanna know who is rocking pregnancy better? Of course you don’t. Who needs to see someone making it all look super glamorous and easy? But that’s what you’ll see all over social media. And yeah, social media is also where you’ll find plenty of reminders of the negativity in the world. Also something you don’t need when you’re pregnant and raising little kiddos. So, here’s an idea: try removing social media apps from your phone or at least from your home screen. Taking a detox and spending that screen time elsewhere (like in a good book or on a gentle walk) will do wonders for your peace of mind.

Try Prenatal Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for the super flexible and super fit. It can be an excellent source of exercise and sanity for pregnant moms of all sizes, shapes, and fitness levels. Not only is yoga a great de-stresser that helps you tune into your body, it’s also great at preparing your body for labor and delivery. Just be sure to run any exercises past your OB first and sign up with a certified prenatal yoga instructor who will be well educated in moves that are safe for you to do at any stage in your pregnancy. You can also check YouTube for trimester-specific prenatal yoga. For the best pregnancy workout apps that include yoga, click here. No matter where or how you get your yoga kicks, listen to your body and don’t do anything that hurts or feels wrong. 

Staying busy keeps your mind off worries: here are some ideas to help

When you’re left to sit around with your own thoughts, you may find yourself obsessing about the future and everything that needs to be done before baby arrives. Or, you may follow all the ‘what ifs’ surrounding labor and delivery until you land yourself in a full-blown panic attack. While it’s great to be prepared, stressing over moments that are inevitable but aren’t here yet isn’t exactly helpful or relaxing. Take care of yourself by keeping your hands (and mind) busy and off all your worries. Here are a few ideas.

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Have a worry that won’t let you rest? Write it down and let it go. Have a to-do list to tackle before baby’s arrival? Get it out of your head and onto paper so you can relax, without worrying about forgetting anything. Honestly, a pregnancy journal is a great place for worries and lists, but it’s also a great way to capture the beautiful and magical parts of your pregnancy. Like baby’s first kicks. 

Take a Walk

Staying active is not only great for a busy or worried mind, but it’s also great for your pregnant body. Try taking a moderately brisk walk for 20-30 minutes each day (if it’s ok’d by your OB) – it’s self-care with immediate benefits for your energy levels, aches, and mood. And don’t forget your water bottle!

Do Some Nesting

Nesting is a great way to keep your mind occupied, and it can help future you out. Trust us, when you come home from the hospital with that little bundle of joy + sleep deprivation, you’re not gonna have time or energy to clean the house or go through and organize. So, do it now. Just be sure to take breaks often and keep your energy levels up by munching on healthy snacks. And no climbing or heavy lifting! Psst! Wanna set yourself up for success once baby’s born? Grab this stroller organizer and include must-haves like wipes, diapers, pacifiers, and a wet bag.

Melt stress away by giving yourself the royal treatment

This is one of our favorite ways to take care of yourself when pregnant: mini pamper parties. Obvi we’re big advocates for making sure moms get the special treatment they deserve. That’s why our Bump Boxes are packed with self-care goodies made just for pregnancy and postpartum life. But aside from treating yourself to a subscription, what can you do to relax? 

Take a Long Bath

When done safely, a bath is a great way to relieve stress and make sure you’re practicing some quality self care during your pregnancy. Be sure to keep the water at a safe temperature (anything at or below your body temp of 98.6 is fine) and try a pregnancy-safe bath bomb (we love these). Lay back, close those eyes, and let your fav playlist take away your tension. 

Get a Prenatal Massage

Tense muscles? Aches? Bad posture from the shift in your center of gravity? Yup. Pregnancy packs a punch, but a good massage can help. Just be sure to find a professional trained in prenatal massage, as certain pressure points can trigger labor. And if you can’t splurge on a massage right now, put your SO or toddler to work on those aches and pains with this BumpLife wooden massager.  

Give Yourself a Manicure

Is there anything better than treating yourself to a manicure? We don’t think so! Start your manicure off with a luxurious scrub (try this one) and give your nails a natural, healthy look with these pregnancy-safe polishes. Isn’t that better already?

Hopefully these simple things will help make self care seem more feasible for you throughout your pregnancy. And trust us, once the baby’s here, these little moments of Mama zen will be even more crucial. So, start practicing now and take these de-stressing ideas with you as you transition into postpartum life. Your body and soul will thank you for it!