Trying to Conceive: Our Go-To Guide

You’ve given it some thought. Some thought? You’ve spent hours daydreaming. You’ve been creeping the Facebook walls of pregnant friends. You keep asking to babysit your sister’s two-year-old. It’s time to make a baby. Trying to conceive can be difficult and frustrating, but that’s why we created this go-to guide for any questions you may encounter.

Visit the Doctor Before Trying to Conceive

Okay, let’s step back for one quick second before you start making the sparks fly. You and your partner should pop into the doctor’s office (one menstrual cycle before you get down to business) and learn everything you need to know about your family’s past pregnancy experiences and health history. Get your immunizations up-to-date, and get on a prenatal vitamin. Moms who are trying to conceive need a steady intake of folic acid, which is a building block of baby’s early developmental brain tissue.

Prepare Your Body

If you plan on getting pregnant, you should prepare your body in advance. After all, carrying a baby around all day is hard even when you are used to regular exercise. Plus, labor can be easier and safer if you are keeping yourself in shape. Remember, being too underweight can be just as dangerous as too overweight, so try to hit a healthy middle ground before you start trying to conceive. Check out our blog on pregnancy weight gain for more.

Get Pregnancy Safe

You’re trying to conceive and that means you need to make some lifestyle changes. First, go through your makeup bag and check the ingredients of your favorite items. You’ll be surprised by how many beauty products actually contain dangerous chemicals. Then take a peek in the fridge. You’ll want to start avoiding foods that could potentially be harmful to your baby. Do a little reading on the foods to avoid during pregnancy. And if you’re thinking about having a baby, try to quit smoking ASAP.

Okay, you’ve taken care of the doctor’s visit, started popping prenatals, and your body’s ready for a healthy pregnancy. You know what happens next right? Oh baby, it’s time for…

Careful Planning

Nothing could be sexier than planning for a healthy pregnancy. It’s time to keep careful track of your menstrual cycles, monitor your ovulation and find your “fertility window” in order to scientifically maximize your… uh… Ok. We’ll level with you. None of that sounds very fun, does it? So before you worry about that, just have some fun with your partner and don’t concern yourself too much with timing. Most professionals recommend not worrying about charts or ovulation until after a few months of trying.

When trying to conceive, there are a few tips that will help you get the best chance at a bun in the oven. First, lie back in bed for around 15 minutes after sex. It’s a myth that tilting your pelvis or putting your legs in the air afterwards will help sperm get to its goal faster. After 15 minutes, all the sperm should have gone where it needs to go. Speaking of positions, it’s another myth that specific positions increase the chance of conception. Try to avoid sitting or standing during sex, though, that’s just gravity working against you. Some women say they knew they were pregnant when certain things happened so you may have early pregnancy signs just a few weeks after trying.

Remember, the best way to prepare yourself when trying to conceive is to minimize stress. Keep yourself active and healthy, and stop worrying about the prime times for conception. Just go with the flow! Good luck and have fun!