I Knew I Was Pregnant When…Telltale Signs

A missed period is the first early clue to knowing you’re pregnant. Two pink lines on a pregnancy test is usually what confirms it before you see a doctor. Real talk: a missed period is only one of the early pregnancy signs women experience. In fact, for some women, their bodies react to pregnancy and give early indications way before an ultrasound gets scheduled. How did you know you were pregnant? These women share their “I knew I was pregnant when…” stories and the telltale signs that gave it away long before they peed on a stick!

“I couldn’t tolerate a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks on their opening day! I drove straight to the pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test.” —Blair R.

“With my first I had no clue, but looking back I remember that I suddenly had a weird obsession for apples—apple cider beers, apple juice, apple pie. When my first was five months old, my apple craving returned and I just knew. It was like the words came out of my mouth ‘I really want some apple juice’ and I went ‘Oh S**T!!’ Here we go again!” —Katiedawn V.

“I can smell EVERYTHING from like, a mile away when I’m prego. Always my first symptom.” —Stephant S.

“Holy moly, sore nipples! Like when I put on a shirt and it brushed over my nipples, I was in agony.” —Oonagh M.

“I felt like I was coming down with something and went in the bathroom to take my temp and decided to randomly take a test while I waited. It was April Fool’s Day and I really did find out I was pregnant!” —Leila C.

“I got sore and very voluptuous breasts, like, right away. When I thought I might be pregnant with our second, I kept asking my husband to ‘feel my boobs’ to try to confirm. He always obliged.” —Amy W.

“My dog started sleeping on my side of the bed the moment I became pregnant, well before I was able to take a test. He has done this sixth-sense pregnancy announcement with all three of my children.” —Gemma H.

“Intuition. I somehow suspected as soon as we completed the act that I could be, and within two weeks I knew it almost for sure, before taking a pregnancy test or telling my partner.” —Dee D.

“A friend of mine said, ‘Wow, your boobs are huge! Are you pregnant?’ I was like, ‘Huh?’ Turns out I was.” —Julie T.

“One of my earliest symptoms was a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. It was awful. Nothing would get rid of it!” —Jamie A.

“During my first pregnancy, the color orange made me nauseous. I’m not fond of the color to begin with, but it doesn’t normally make me want to puke. I couldn’t look at anything orange. The feeling went away after that pregnancy, and I didn’t have that sensation with my next two.” —Julie K.

“I walked into a used bookstore, and the musty smell almost made me vomit. Never had that reaction to used books before!” —Andrea C.

“I hate beer so much. So much. One day, I went to a restaurant that was BYOB and the chef sat with me and offered me an oatmeal stout. To be polite, I sipped it. It was delicious! I called my boyfriend. He was really surprised because he’d had me try a bunch of beers at Belgian bars and stuff and I hated everything. Then, I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. I learned later that pregnant women crave the hops for lactation. I liked beer up until I stopped breastfeeding, and now I hate it again.” —Swati K.

“I had been trying to get pregnant for ages, and around 10 days after ovulation (I was charting), I woke up and my heart was pounding. It freaked me out. It did the same for two more mornings when I finally decided to test. Pregnant!” —Monica B.

“I fainted twice at a major business conference. I was so embarrassed.” —Joanie

“My cat, who never sits in laps, slept on my stomach one night. Turns out I was pregnant. This happened each time for my subsequent pregnancies. I think it was the change in my body temperature. Even my husband noticed.” —Nicki S.

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“I could smell the breath of a woman I was speaking with. She was fastidious in how she was dressed and put together, and I knew she didn’t neglect to brush her teeth!” —Leslie L.

“I started gagging while brushing my teeth, the week before I even tested. I just thought ‘well that’s new’ and kept about my business. I also started smelling everything and hating the way certain things smelled.” —ilovenaps

“My husband’s Old Spice aftershave started smelling like doughnuts. He smelled soooooo good! Then I noticed that I mysteriously did not have any PMS symptoms when I should have.” — redheadscu

“I like to enjoy a glass or two of wine every night. I kept feeling sick after having a glass, and it just didn’t taste good to me. Me not liking wine meant that something is going on.” —sascha3