Here’s How to Find Me Time as a New Mama

If the concept of having “me time” as a new mom sounds like a cruel joke, think again! While it may seem practically impossible to find time for yourself with a newborn, take a moment to remember that your little one is reliant upon you for everything. Only by taking care of yourself can you provide the care your little one needs and deserves. Here’s how you can find some “me time” as a new mama!

How To Find Mama Time Amidst The Chaos

The best place to begin is by making yourself the center of attention for just a few minutes each day. Prioritizing yourself — even if just for a short period of time — will ease feelings of irritability and frustration.

Determine what “me-time” really means to you. Be honest with yourself about what actually makes you feel energized and what just ends up draining you. There are many activities we are convinced we “enjoy” doing, but in reality just end up causing us stress (typically due to finances or taking up too much of our time). For example, a mom may “enjoy” getting her hair done because she sees it as a necessity for looking professional at work. In this situation, the motivating factor is work. This mom sees it as something she needs to do, which at the end of the day will not make her feel refreshed and revitalized.

Ask your partner for help when it comes down to bathing, feeding, clothing and putting your little one to bed. If you’re typically the one responsible for taking care of your baby, be sure to go over each routine with your partner. Trusting your partner’s abilities is critical — once you do, you’ll be able to devote more time to you and your needs.

Establish times when your partner, friends or family can help care for the little one. If your spouse is the one responsible for watching over the baby between the hours of 5-10 a.m, for example, that means more time for you to focus on yourself. If you want to leave the house to go shopping alone, go for it. You do you, mama.

Create a daily list of what you need to do. While scheduling everything, be sure to allow some wiggle room. With a newborn, too much structure is an unrealistic way of accomplishing all of your intended tasks. In those gaps between tasks, allow time for yourself.

While many moms recommend taking naps while baby is resting, realistically this isn’t always possible. Use this time instead to do something that makes you happy. Whether it’s taking a hot bath or reading a magazine, the little things begin to feel amazing when they’ve been absent for so long.

Me-time even has the potential of sneaking up on you without prior planning. Appreciate the quiet moments as they arise. If your little one falls asleep in your arms after 45 minutes of rocking and all you can hear are the crickets chirping outside, enjoy it. During chaotic times or moments of frustration, these memories will serve a calming and reassuring dose of, “everything’s going to be ok.”

Putting the needs of your emotional health first will not interfere with your ability to provide your child proper care. In fact, the more attention you give yourself, the more energized and positive you’ll feel as a result. Feelings of anger and anxiety will slowly subside, making you a much happier, pleasant mama for your little one to be around.

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