10 Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Are you expecting a baby and not sure how to tell your husband? Discovering you’re pregnant is exciting, and announcing it to the world feels incredible. But figuring out how you’re going to surprise your husband or partner is an even bigger deal! From heartwarming and playful to “shit just got real” funny, there are so many clever ways to tell your husband he’s going to be a daddy. Check out these 10 creative ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant.

Help from the Dog

Get your furbaby in on the act by having them pose with the announcement that someone is about to become a daddy. Is there anything cuter than dogs posing? Nope!

Dogs With Signs

Image credit: Lil Baby King

“We’re Pregnant” Plate

Is your husband a big food guy? Serve him his dinner and watch his face as he gets to the bottom of the plate for this pregnancy reveal. The news can also be revealed with a coffee mug or anything where the words appear at the bottom.


Image credit: Mommyanity

Photobomb Your Husband

Couple Brandon and Brianne Dow were posing for Christmas pics, and it turned out to be an elaborate pregnancy reveal where she held up a sign with the news and completely shocked Brandon in the process. D’awww!

Image credit: Samantha Boos Photography

Personalized and Heartfelt

The image of his little boy or girl wearing matching shoes is enough to melt any expecting daddy’s heart. Personalize the note and you’ll both treasure the memory forever.

Say it With a Fortune Cookie

During your next night of Chinese takeout, give him a fortune cookie that “predicts” his future. You can easily print out a fake fortune telling him “in 9 months, you’ll become a daddy,” and watch the look of shock on his face.

Fortune Cookie

Image credit: A Day in Mollywood

Superfan Pregnancy Reveal

Has your hubby always wished for a full sports team of his own? Now he can see the first part of that dream realized when you announce your pregnancy with several of his favorite teams in cute little onesies and tiny jerseys.


Image credit: Madeline, Pinterest

Will You Be My Baby Daddy?

Who says the guys are the only ones who can propose? Now you can turn the tables and create a homemade proposal that he can’t refuse! #hesaidyes


Image credit: Kenita Miranda, Pinterest

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This pregnancy reveal doubles as the cutest and most practical baby keepsake. Either plan to give it as a gift to him or have it sitting somewhere for him to find, and you’ll have one happy daddy-to-be.


Image credit: Embellished for Love

Honest and Hilarious Joke Reveal

Does your partner have the perfect sense of humor? Turn your reveal into a hilarious way to tell your partner that you’re pregnant. Perfect for jokester couples!


Image credit: Sew Dandee

Chocolate Lovers Announcement

The fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so telling him he’s going to be a dad tells him everything he needs to know. You can’t go wrong with chocolate!


Image credit: What Candy Says