Bump Boxes: By Moms, For Moms

The stress surrounding pregnancy, how to protect the miracle you’re growing, and what is “safe” can be overwhelming. That’s an understatement, right?! 

Every parent’s priority is protecting their children to the best of their ability. 

Our founders, Christine and Leland, quickly learned that the everyday products they were using could potentially harm their little bump. You know, everyday products like face and body wash, creams, teas, and skincare items? A lot of self-care products that are supposed to pamper Mom while tackling pregnancy symptoms can actually be really dangerous to her bump. 

On top of those everyday products being made with ingredients no one can pronounce, big brands try to fool consumers (MOMS!) by marketing “natural” products that have a clean logo but lack clean ingredients. 

Many Moms also don’t realize when they read “fragrances” on product ingredient lists, it’s actually just a blanket word for more chemicals. 

Christine and Leland founded Bump Boxes with an overwhelming desire to make Mom’s life easier by providing real pregnancy-safe products to expectant mothers.

So, what does that mean? 

  • All of our products undergo a rigorous vetting process that includes the research of every. single. ingredient
    • If one ingredient isn’t pregnancy-safe, we don’t use the product 
    • If companies have any “secret ingredients” they won’t disclose, we won’t work with them 
    • Any and every ingredient that Mom touches is EWG verified 
  • Every product is personally approved by our CEO, Christine 

Bump Boxes is a company founded and built by Moms, for Moms. We do all of the research for Mom so that she can remedy her pregnancy symptoms without worrying about if they’re safe for her bump. We fight through the confusing language, complex ingredients, and false marketing so that Moms don’t have to. Because Mom’s shouldn’t have to. 

Rest assured that Bump Boxes will keep chemicals away from Mama and Baby. 

We’ve got her back and bump covered!