Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Every Kind of Mom

The best gifts for a mom are personalized to her interests and personality. Mom gifts are not one-size-fits-all—get a little creative and find something she will really like! Put away the general personal care products and take a little time to think of her. How does she like to spend her time (outside of the whole mom-thing, of course)? What’s a gift she would love but would never buy for herself? A little time and effort can help you find a gift she’ll love to receive and you’ll love to give. Still in need of a little direction? We searched out gifts for a few mom styles. Whether she loves the luxuries of life, traveling, everything girly or is a homebody at heart, you’ll find a match-worthy gift with this complete holiday gift guide for every kind of mom.

For the Luxe Mom

Otherland Candle, $36

Otherland coconut and soy candles are blended with scrumptious smells like sandalwood, rosebud, clove and cardamom. Moms who love luxury will appreciate both the colorful votives and the aroma that lofts through the air.


ToGoSpa Coconut Eyes, $15

Collagen treatment is pampering for tired eyes, and a great gift if your luxe mom can’t get enough of personal care products. Her eyes will feel refreshed with the cooling touch of amino acids and coconut. 

ToGoSpa Coconut Eyes Photo

Jean Pierre Jade Face Roller, $20

Indulge a mom who needs to get back her skin-glow. The natural jade stone improves pregnancy symptoms by reducing skin puffiness and improving skin elasticity. Just roll and glow!

Jean Pierre Jade Face Roller Photo

Everlane ReCashmere Stroopwafel Turtleneck, $155

Every Luxe lover mama needs a cashmere sweater. The use of recycled cashmere makes this sweater a unique and sustainable clothing gift option. 

For the Travel Mom

ZZZ Pal Pillow, $49.99

A neck support pillow is a must for any frequent traveler. The ZZZ Pal Pillow is compact and easy to pack, making it the perfect carry-on companion. Support for better alignment, your traveling mom can say “Au revoir!” to stiff necks.

ZZZ Pal Pillow Photo

Dagne Dover Lola Pouch, $75

A pouch that also works as a clutch is the best friend to a travel lover. She can store all of her necessities—it’s a great pouch for beauty and personal care products.

BumpLife Strong Mama Journal, $10.99

Whether it’s writing down the details of the pregnancy journey or any other journey, this journal can hold all of the important memories. 

BumpLife Strong Mama Journal Photo

Cuyana Classic Passport Case, $95

Who says passport cases can’t be stylish? Full of class and room, the jet-setting mom can store more than just her passport, so she has everything she needs in one spot.

For the Girly Mom

Beautycounter Cleansing Balm, $69

This all-in-one beauty product cleanses, removes makeup and nourishes skin overnight. Moms can skin-hydrate right using a product with safe ingredients. 

Product Image

Bump Boxes, $49.99

Bump Boxes are packed full of items that make pregnancy a bit easier. Belly butters and foot soaks are just a couple of the products girl moms will love to get their hands on.  

3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box Photo

Kai Rose Perfume Oil, $50

Free of the bad stuff and full of the good, Kai Rose Perfume Oil is as delectable as it sounds. What girly mom could resist the sweet smell of rose?

KAI Rose Perfume Oil, Alternate, color, NO COLOR

Itzy Ritzy Diaper Bag (floral print), $169.99

The floral print and spacious size of this tote make it a must-love for any mom. Multiple sections can hold all of the necessary baby essentials and personal care products, with room to spare! 

Itzy Ritzy Tribe Tote Diaper Bag Photo

For the Homebody Mom

BumpLife Sleep Mask for Two, $9.99

Help a mama out with the gift of a satin-soft sleep mask. Fatigue is one of the many common pregnancy symptoms—growing a baby can do that to a person! If she needs a full night’s sleep or just a quick nap, this mask is a great do-not-disturb reminder to everyone.

BumpLife Sleep Mask "Napping for Two" Photo

Hario Cold Brew Bottle, $35

Who knew cold brew could be so easy? Ideal for a homebody mom, she can prepare her own cup of cold brew with only a few simple steps. 


YnM Weighted Blanket, $69.90

A weighted blanket is a dose of instant relaxation. This gift is for moms only (no babies allowed!) and can help her get a better night’s sleep. And every mom could use a better night’s sleep. 

Bump Boxes, $49.99

Bump Boxes are full of items that can be used at home. No need to venture out for mom and baby essentials, let Bump Boxes deliver the best gifts for every kind of mom right to your doorstep.

New Mom to be Gift Box Photo

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