Nesting: Safe Cleaning Products

The baby is on the way and you have the itch, right? The itch to clean, to reorganize everything, to completely clean house just in time for your little one’s arrival. The nesting urges are real! But along with those urges come a lot of questions, such as what safer cleaning products to use that don’t include bleach and other chemicals. We’ve got you covered with our best information on nesting safely during pregnancy.

What’s so bad about cleaners?

Many cleaning products are made with abrasive chemicals to help you get rid of all that hard-to-reach grime. But that just means it’s especially not safe for you and your growing little one. Many cleaners and fresheners are made with toxic fumes and chemicals that can reach your bump in no time.  It’s important to be aware of what you come in contact with both during and after pregnancy.  

So what should I avoid?

Specifically avoid anything that breaks down the worst of messes–think mold cleaners, oven cleaners and bleach. Not only is bleach toxic on it’s own, but it’s not safe to mix with other cleaners. Even diluted, bleach can pose real health risks to expecting moms.

Then what can I use?

With all of the green and eco-friendly options on the market, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Non-toxic and organic brands are a good choice. We love Berkley Green for options like multi-surface cleaners, odor removers and bottle cleaners.  

Most importantly, if it’s not organic, make sure you’re reading labels. Avoid anything that says it has toxic ingredients, but also watch out for chemicals like phenols and glycol ethers. Both have been linked to miscarriages and birth defects.  

Bottom line? We love a good nesting session as much as the next mama, but no amount of cleanliness is worth endangering you or that little one. Stay safe while you scrub away. And always make sure to put your feet up and relax after an hour or so of work

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