Swaddling Your Baby: Everything You Need to Know

Congratulations on your newest arrival! With all the adorable prints, pattern, and motifs in soft cotton and muslin fabrics, we know you’re so ready to start swaddling that little bundle. But if you’re wondering where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about swaddling your baby. 


You might be surprised to find out that swaddling has been around for centuries. Swaddling is an ancient practice of snugly wrapping your infant in a very thin blanket. This has always been done to help make the baby feel safe and secure. Swaddling helps to make the little one feel settled in and helps soothe crying fits. It works because it simulates the baby’s experience in the womb.

Have you ever noticed your little one jerking while deep in sleep? This is known as their Startle Reflex, and can unfortunately wake your little bundle after you’ve just gotten them to sleep. Swaddling helps keep this from happening, making sure you both get the rest you need.


When swaddling your little one, it’s very important to keep a couple of safety notes in mind. These are good tips to know before putting your baby in a crib

Use thin blankets. This will keep your sweet baby from overheating. Use blankets or sheets made from light cotton or muslin, like this one.

Leave the baby’s head free. When swaddling, avoid going over the shoulders, keeping the head and neck free and unobstructed.  You don’t want to restrict movement.

Put the baby on her back. Resting a swaddled baby on her back helps prevent the risk of SIDS. Once the baby starts rolling over on her own, it’s time to stop swaddling.

Swaddle from birth. Make sure you start swaddling your little one right away. Don’t start around 2-3 months, and stop around 4 months. Newborn to a couple months is the perfect time to swaddle.

Swaddle at every sleep. Whether you’re just setting your baby down for a quick nap, or hoping for a whole night of uninterrupted sleep, make sure you swaddle every time to acclimate the baby to the process.

How to Swaddle:

  1. Fold the top corner of your swaddle down, placing your little one’s shoulders even with the folded edge.
  2. Tuck the left corner of the blanket under the baby’s right arm and under the body.
  3. Bring the bottom corner up over those tiny feet.
  4. Bring the right corner over and tuck into a fold.
  5. Enjoy that sweet photo opportunity.

Trust us, swaddling will come naturally to both of you in no time. Make sure to tag us in those adorable, snuggly baby photos!

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