The Top Fertility Tracking Products to Get You Pregnant Fast

When you’re in the middle of trying to conceive, it can feel like a very frustrating marathon. With all the different factors to keep track of: the pills you need to be taking, and the schedules you and your partner need to keep, it can be a lot to think about. And thanks to modern technology and science, there’s a lot you don’t need to think about — fertility tracking is a huge industry.

Whether you need something wearable to track as you live your life, an app to input all of your information or thermometers to keep track of your basal body temperature, there’s something to take care of your needs. We  complied some of the best in fertility tracking technology, so you can get going on your pregnancy journey … fast!


These are a TTC mama favorite, as they take little to no thought to get started. Simply place the wearable tracker where it needs to go, and live your life … the tracker takes care of the rest!

The Ava BraceletThis fashionable bracelet has been shown to detect an average of 5.3 fertile days per cycle at 89% accuracy. Simply place on your wrist at night and wake up to valuable insight on your cycles, fertility and health. You can buy your Ava bracelet here.

TempdropWhether you’re TTC, postpartum or PCOS, this wearable band works to deliver data tailored directly to your needs. As you sleep, your temperature fluctuates and creates your own unique sleeping temperature pattern. As it learns that pattern, you’ll be able to figure out your most fertile times in your cycle. Preorder your Tempdrop here.


Fertility tracking apps are huge in the TTC community due to the fact that everyone has their phone on them. These apps allow you to input information and then provide tracking and analytics on your health and fertility.

Ovia FertilityOvia works to track your period, ovulation, symptoms and mood in one easy-to-use app. With 2,000 articles on fertility and sexual health, an ovulation calculator and calendar, and a tracker, Ovia will be your one-stop shop when trying to conceive. You can download it here.

KindaraThe Kindara app allows you to input your health information, such as your temperature, consistency of cervical fluid, menstruation, sex activity and more, to create an easy-to-read graph of your cycles and general health. Even better, it pairs beautifully with the Wink Basal Body Thermometer to provide an even easier user experience. You can download the app here.

Additional Resources

While the wearables and the apps are incredible resources, sometimes you need additional technology or information. These products are some great options when you need something else.

OvuSenseOvuSense strives to be the most advanced cycle monitoring system you can buy, and backs it up with over 30,000 cycles of use. It contains a sensor that can be inserted vaginally overnight, allowing it to track your body temperature, cycle and overall health, and can help predict ovulation over 24 hours in advance. You can pick up OvuSense here.

Modern Fertility: Modern Fertility offers a hormone test that’s great for those that are currently trying to conceive and those that know they’ll want to in the future. After a short quiz, they’ll be able to send you a test tailored to your questions and needs — and the test can give you access to all the details on your reproductive health. Get started here.

All of these offer incredible resources that women didn’t have even mere years ago. Hang in there, mama, you’ve got this!

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